Email Marketing for Media and Publishing

Build Lasting Audience Relationships with Upland Email Marketing

For media and publishing brands, your email subscribers are among your most engaged audiences. With Upland Email Marketing, you can make the most of this direct link by delivering engaging newsletters and targeted marketing messages.

Upland Email Marketing’s solutions for media and publishing help you grow and engage your audience, turning your anonymous site visitors into your biggest fans.

Audience Development

Build lasting audience relationships with powerful email capture tools.


Engage your audience at scale by automating your email newsletter program.

Lifecycle Campaigns

Nurture your audience and build reader habits with targeted messaging.

Learn how Upland Email Marketing’s media and publishing solutions can drive business outcomes for you.

Audience Growth

Maximize your list without impacting user experience using Upland’s email capture.

  • Grow your audience with optimized onsite capture widgets
  • Deploy on-brand widgets that target users based on behavior
  • Use progressive capture to collect additional user data

Newsletter Automation

Engage your audience at scale by automating your newsletter products.

  • Balance automation with editorial control using flexible newsletter automation
  • Populate newsletter content automatically by tagging articles in your CMS
  • Deliver breaking news alerts based on a user’s interests

Customer Journeys

Nurture your email subscribers at every step of the relationship.

  • Create welcome email programs to drive email engagement right away
  • Target email subscribers with marketing messaging based on behavior
  • Win back lapsed subscribers with automated re-engagement email programs

Reader Revenue

Drive ad impressions and subscription conversions with targeted email messaging.

  • Maximize onsite ad revenue with newsletter content optimized for engagement
  • Serve in-email advertisements to drive revenue with every open
  • Nurture email subscribers into paying customers with triggered email

Discover how Upland can Drive Success in Your Email Program