Healthcare & CTI: Improving Productivity, Performance, and Patient Care

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How medical institutions can benefit from computer telephony integration (CTI)

Much like any other industry, contact centers, and health facilities operating in the healthcare sector are still subject to the same inefficiencies and problems that limit productivity and performance.

As with sales-based and/or customer service focused businesses, healthcare facilities also can benefit from a solution that will improve productivity and performance, and ensure patients’ needs are consistently met.

Fortunately, CTI has demonstrated that it can improve business performance on several levels within the healthcare sector. Below is a list of examples of where CTI can be applied to help improve results and ensure that each different business type is able to get the best possible results.

Increased Productivity

As with any industry, businesses operating in the healthcare sector are always looking for ways to improve productivity in the workplace. Whether it’s giving medical advice to a patient at a telemedicine contact center, filling prescriptions in pharmacies, or logging calls from patients to clinics or hospitals, productivity is crucially important in each of them.

With CTI, many of the smaller tasks that can slow down agent productivity can be improved. For instance, preset speed dials enable transfer with just a couple of clicks, while automatically logging calls reduces after call work, so agents are free to focus more of their attention on the patient or customer to ensure their needs are met.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

As with customer care, patient care in the healthcare sector is of the utmost importance. Ensuring client needs and expectations are consistently met is crucial. If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of waiting on hold at the bank, you can imagine how much more stressful it would be if you were calling in regards to your health. Urgency, then, is a top priority in healthcare, and any solution that increases efficiencies without sacrificing quality is massively beneficial.

CTI has proven to help improve patient and customer satisfaction in the healthcare sector on several different levels. Solutions like InGenius provide clinicians, agents, pharmacy vendors, and hospital staff with all the information they need to get the job done as quickly and effectively as possible. Features like screen pop, which brings up a client’s record on an incoming call so the agent can see existing notes and history, and screen transfer, which transfer call notes and details to the next agent, reduce frustrations and the need to repeat information.

Ease of Use

One of the main concerns for any business when investing in new software is the amount of time it will take for user adoption to occur. Though the product can claim to do many wonderful things to help improve business performance, complicated processes leading to poor user adoption will render any ROI impossible. Considering this, it’s important to invest in a solution that can deliver the goods without overcomplicating things and making life more difficult for the user.

Though CTI solutions such as InGenius can do a lot of complicated and incredible things to boost contact center performance, this doesn’t translate into a complicated application. In fact, from a user’s perspective, the single-pane-of-glass interface makes accessing any of the phone tools from within the CRM an easy, intuitive process.

Accurate and Information Reports

As well as improved productivity rates, businesses operating in the healthcare sector require a solution that enables them to gain the best possible value from their data. Without one of these solutions in place, data – arguably the world’s most valuable asset – becomes nothing more than meaningless information.

CTI solutions like InGenius, however, enable each of these businesses to easily access a wide variety of reports that can be created in the CRM. These reports can be used to create easy-to-read dashboards, and to help determine if current strategies are effective or where business processes need to be changed.

Minimize Costs

As with any business, in the healthcare industry it’s ideal to ensure profits are increased while costs are reduced. Maintaining this balance is crucial, yet the mismanagement of businesses in the healthcare sector can lead to drastic financial losses. Considering this, business leaders would be wise to invest in any solution that enables them to control costs more efficiently and simultaneously improve profits.

Is CTI the Right Choice for the Healthcare Sector?

If your overall goals are to improve user efficiency, maximize customer and patient satisfaction, and gain greater control over your business, then CTI should be a top priority.

If you would like more information on what CTI can do to help improve the performance of your business, check out our customer success stories or book a meeting with our team.

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