Inside a Rapidly Growing LinkedIn Group [Infographic]

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Upland Admin

Think about your favorite online community. What keeps you coming back?

The people? The insight? Just being around peers and colleagues?

Personally, I look for all of the above. The communities I’ve chosen to be active in provide each. Now that I manage communities, my goal is to build places that foster great interactions with passionate people.

Last July, we launched The Content Marketing Academy group on LinkedIn. We wanted it to become the largest, most active, and useful group on LinkedIn for content marketers. Six months later, I’m proud to say it’s exactly that.

The group is now the largest content marketing-focused group on LinkedIn, averaging 267 new member per week, and, more importantly, about 10 to 20 quality discussions per week.

I’ve already written about why the group sparks so much interactivity,  but now want to share a bit about what makes the Content Marketing Academy group so magnetic. We created the infographic below to celebrate the people and content that have contributed to the group’s quick rise.

If you’re not currently a member, join the Content Marketing Academy on LinkedIn and count yourself among the top content marketing professionals.

Content Marketing Academy Group Infographic

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