Case Study

Datavail Case Study

Learn how DatAvail transitioned from content chaos to a content operation with streamlined production and collaboration.

How Datavail Revamped Its Content Process

Datavail was successfully utilizing content in its marketing campaigns, but the process was cumbersome. As expectations for greater revenue growth required more campaigns and more content, the increased volume required a different process for the development, management, and tracking of content.

The Challenge

“We were constantly trying to keep up in email with every piece of content we were working on, where it was in the process, what was needed to move it forward. It was chaos and we had to have two-hour weekly planning meetings just to sync up on what we were doing,” said Robin Caputo.

The Solution

Their team needed a process that could tackle collaboration, production, distribution, and deadlines in one place. They turned to Kapost.

Datavail’s Challenges

  • Limited Visibility and Context
  • Missed Deadlines
  • Disrupted Workflows

Reduced Production Time

Within five weeks of introducing Kapost, Robin’s team drastically reduced production time, met more deadlines, reduced “one-off” content, and established a process to better plan future content campaigns.

Prioritized Activities

Immediately, the Datavail team, with eight contributors (including agencies), had visibility into what each of the other team members was working on. The Kapost editorial calendar allowed the team to see, holistically, upcoming deadlines, projects, and tasks, which also allowed the team to better prioritize day-to-day activities.

Optimized Workflow

In one month, Robin redefined what creating content feels like within Datavail. No longer is it chaotic. It’s built into a process, and within a platform that contains each moving piece. Because the team is less focused on dealing with chaos and communication, they can spend more time planning ahead and thinking through campaigns.

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