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Greenway Health Case Study

Learn how Greenway Health found a single source for collaboration across regional team members.

Content Chaos to Cross-Team Collaboration

Greenway Health is an electronic health record software and services vendor that connects providers to the information and insights they need, so they can make patient-driven care a reality. In an industry where lives are at stake, the marketing team is at the forefront of developing campaigns that build trusted partnerships—with Kapost on their side.

The Challenge

Projects were falling through the cracks, and without governance, priorities were confused across multi-regional teams. Customer-facing teams had little insight into how assets fit into the bigger strategy and employees were wasting time searching for content in multiple repositories. With Smartsheets, project management and email only slowed progress because of inconsistent workflows, inconsistent version control, and limited metrics to assess strategy.

The Solution

Greenway Health found a single source for collaboration across regional team members, which made it easier to track projects from ideation to creation and, ultimately, sales distribution. Beginning with strategic planning, content lifecycles and metrics are centralized in the Kapost platform, so the marketing team can ensure it creates impactful content to be delivered through the right channels for an improved customer experience.

Greenway Health’s Challenges

  • Lack of Governance
  • No Version Control
  • Limited Performance Metrics

Scaling Collaboration and Accountability

Kapost Studio gives the marketing team templated workflows and real-time updates, so teams have complete visibility into project status and potential bottlenecks. The timestamps on all activities leave no question as to when or who has last touched a piece of content, while the Task Catalog helps leaders balance team members’ workloads. Given increased visibility into workflow, resourcing, and content inventory, Greenway Health’s marketing team has been able to decrease agency spend, increase internal efficiencies, and open doors to repurpose content in new channels—such as their newsletter featuring existing content.

Stronger Governance for a Better Customer Experience

Greenway Health leverages a robust metadata tagging system in Kapost to ensure content for every campaign aligns with key organizational priorities. Kapost Insights lets teams uncover content gaps, identify high-performing assets, and inform the strategic planning of targeted, personalized content for their ABM campaigns. The marketing team is confident that each campaign has the right content and can see what products need more coverage for which persona. Customizable reports and metrics boards give executives a complete overview of their team’s production and status with the click of a button.

Winning Sales Enablement

Instead of wasting precious hours searching for content across SharePoint, Box, and their hard drives, the sales team now searches and sorts for up-to-date content directly inside Salesforce via the Kapost Gallery integration. Sales particularly loves Kapost Ideas, where they can submit requests to the marketing team and have visibility into the approval process and progress. Marketing and sales are now confident that prospects and customers alike are getting the latest on-message content.

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