Success Story

Merrill Corporation Case Study

Merrill Corporation provides secure, innovative solutions for content sharing, regulated communications, and compliance services. To align under one global brand, the team was quick to turn to Kapost.

Cutting across the Corporate Lifecycle

The Challenge

Aligning multiple business lines under a single brand identity was a priority for Merrill, which also meant breaking down silos, creating more collaboration channels, and ensuring the company’s high volume of content was aligned and used in optimal ways. There was no single process, minimal visibility into projects after submission, and little application of metric tracking—including the cost of development and strategic coverage.

The Solution

Kapost helped the barriers to collaboration fall away—both between teams and across geographies. “Kapost prompted communication and awareness of the ability to reuse and repurpose high-quality content in a timely way,” says Astrid Sandell. Teams now know the demands of each department in every phase—from content creation to activation. This alignment and visibility allows projects to be quantitatively measured while decreasing the distraction of ad hoc requests.

Merrill Corporation’s Challenges
  • Employees Retreated to Silos
  • Consistent Ad Hoc Requests
  • Lack of Metric Tracking


Measurable Metrics

Before implementing Kapost, Merrill’s analytics tracking was inconsistent. Now, valuable requested metrics are addressed directly in the Kapost Insights app. Milestones are used to monitor deliverables, and a robust tagging system provides visibility into strategic alignment and resource management.


Strong Initiative Execution

Merrill uses Kapost’s initiative templates to plan events and all their moving parts. Having a centralized space to plan out initiatives provides an environment that allows individuals to be innovative and creative—without sacrificing organization.


Company-Wide Engagement

Collaboration can suffer with remote teams, especially across geographic regions, but with Kapost as a central part of every conversation, there is more awareness around the reuse and repurposing of content in a timely way. And everyone is thrilled that never-ending email chains are a thing of the past.


Voice of Costumer

“Kapost is where we do all our work. It is a part of our marketing communications budget, and we are constantly ensuring that our marketing team embraces it and understands its strategic benefits for our work.” Astrid Sandell | Communications Manager


  • 2X Tagged Content: Doubled the amount of tagged content and improved asset alignment to support strategic activation.
  • 92% Branded Content: 92% of content was associated with an initiative and aligned to company messaging.


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