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In our last blog, we shared the exciting news about our partnership with Movable Ink that brought powerful mobile data and dynamic creatives together for even more engaging customer experience within the email. Now our joint superpowers are also available on mobile! Our integration enables brands to delight their customers with beautiful creatives, intelligently personalized and adapted to their customers’ actions and preferences in real-time.

Marketers can now easily customize creatives in their mobile campaigns based on customer preferences, contextual information, and recent interactions with the brand. Bringing data and creative together allows our customers to create personalized visuals that are relevant and up-to-date at the moment of engagement. This allows marketers to craft creatives that are personalized at the moment of engagement, without the hassle of additional segmentation and creating multiple campaigns. The real-time personalization of creatives based on customer data from different brand touchpoints expands the opportunity to engage customers and redefines the customer journey as we know it by allowing each customer to create their own experience with the brand.

 For example, an outdoor sports lover will receive a push notification on his mobile with a pair of hiking boots he saw the other day on the brand’s page. The message will be personalized to greet the customer with the first name and the image will be adapted to gender and time of the year. The message could also include the info about the local weather forecast for the coming weekend. In addition to the special offer for the chosen boots, the customer will also be able to see his loyalty points and a countdown for a limited time offer. The intelligent, in-the-moment customization of creatives allows marketers to deliver tailor-made messages that boost engagement and connect with your customers on a much deeper level.


The mobile integration will enable brands to create more personalized customer experiences by inserting intelligent creatives into mobile messages (Push, In-App and App Inbox). As an example, one of our clients, the Minnesota Timberwolves, were exploring ways to extend the home game pre-sale experience for fans using the mobile app into a mobile-only experience.

“In web and email, we have a smooth customer journey from signing up for the pre-sale all the way to ticket purchase, but there was no way to do this within the mobile app because we couldn’t send a notification to people who had previously taken a specific action,”

“With Movable Ink & Localytics, we were able to create an in-app pre-sale experience that allowed users to sign up for the pre-sale, and receive a push notification once tickets went on sale.” 

– Jena Magee, Email Marketing Manager at the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The enhanced capabilities to create hyper-personalized engagement across mobile and email create wonderful opportunities for engagement campaigns across industries: 

  • Telco brands can explore new ways of promoting their streaming content, advertise products based on the mobile device or drive customers to their app by prompting them in an email to enable push notifications
  • Media companies can now benefit from hyper-personalized content feeds to deliver news based on customers’ topics of interest, location, etc. 
  • Entertainment companies can display ticket sales alerts and countdowns, creating immersive and entertaining experiences. 
  • Retailers will be able to personalize the images and offers to each customer based on their individual taste, latest searches or purchases. 
  • Personalized creatives can also increase the engagement and effectiveness of abandoned cart campaigns and promotional offers. 
  • Financial services companies can promote new products and services based on actions or preferences and display branch locations based on customer location. 

The Localytics and Movable Ink integration gives brands the ability to deliver real-time, personalized experiences across mobile and email by combining data and creative content, enabling you to craft intelligently personalized customer experiences without the need for multiple campaigns and audience segments. Drive more compelling brand experiences with personalization that goes beyond static, one-size-fits-all creatives, and watch your engagement, conversions, and loyalty grow. 

Ready to learn more? See for yourself how seamless the integration of Localytics & Movable Ink is here and discover how easy it is to use intelligently personalized creatives in your campaigns in a short video.

Join us for the upcoming webinar with Movable Ink to discover how incorporating personalized visuals into your digital engagement campaigns can help brands drive deeper, more meaningful customer experiences. 

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