ENGAGE Recap: The Important Role Mobile Apps Play For Comcast & The Weather Channel

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We recently wrapped up another very successful ENGAGE conference, which brings together the mobile community for a day of learning, networking, and thought leadership on mobile engagement.

In “The Importance of Understanding Your Mobile Users” session, we had the pleasure of hearing from Localytics’ customers Jeremy Cohen, Product Manager at The Weather Channel and Dan Baker, Senior Director of Product Management at Comcast about how these two brands think about mobile as an integral part of their brand’s overall marketing strategy as a way to better connect with their audience.

At The Weather Channel, Jeremy and his team strive to have all interaction within their app highly personalized to the user, since weather is highly personal in nature. Knowing a user’s location is a critical part of this, but moving beyond that to understanding the alerts that matter to them is just as important.

To give us an example of what he means by this, Jeremy referenced Germany. Germany is particularly rainy in the fall, so sending someone in Germany an alert every time it rains would be viewed as superfluous. However, sending a rain alert to Las Vegas residents, who see the least rainfall in the US, would be important.

Comcast, on the other hand, thinks about their app as an integral part of their overall marketing strategy. The Comcast app is a value ad for subscribers, allowing them to access content on-the-go via their smartphones. Since content consumed via mobile is at an all time high, Dan and team realize mobile is quickly becoming the preferred first-screen for many subscribers. That is why it’s so essential for them to keep users engaged with their app – and why Dan primary focus is on preventing customers from churning from the app.

This is a big part of the reason Comcast offered mobile streaming of all of the 2016 Summer Olympic games (which was pegged the first truly mobile Olympics) and used in-app messaging campaigns to drive awareness to a custom Olympic Games viewing guide they created so users wouldn’t miss out on their favorite events.

To hear more more about how Comcast and The Weather Channel use the power of mobile to create powerful user experiences, check out the video below.

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