Localytics Launches a New Campaign Builder to Usher in the Next Era of Mobile Personalization

June 13, 2018 4 minute read

Upland Admin

Enables enterprise marketers to create personalized, multi-step campaigns that are triggered by user behavior across channels

CHICAGO, June 13, 2018: Today at Salesforce Connections, Localytics, the leading mobile engagement platform, announced a new Campaign Builder, built from the ground up to help enterprise marketers deliver a unique experience to each of their mobile users and build strong connective tissue between mobile and digital by factoring in user behavior across channels. The new Campaign Builder enables marketers to create personalized, multi-step campaigns that are triggered by user behavior inside or outside of their app and adapt based on how users interact with each message. The Campaign Builder will also exchange data with the rest of an enterprise marketing tech stack, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, to ensure that marketing campaigns across mobile and digital have the right context from mobile to drive real ROI.

“Marketers have talked about personalization for years, but very few brands have been able to provide a truly personal experience across every point of interaction with their customers,” said Jude McColgan, Localytics’ CEO. “When it comes to mobile personalization, marketers have been plagued with siloed customer data, lackluster targeting and clunky messaging tools. Our new Campaign Builder is designed from the ground up to help marketers achieve personalization, and actually improve over time. We do this by arming marketers with amazingly deep data about every user interaction and using that data to create multi-step campaigns that react to each user’s behavior in real-time. In the end, mobile users get the personalized experiences they demand and brands build stronger relationships with their customers.”

Localytics counts major enterprise brands like Bose, Fidelity, Redbox, Bloomberg, Live Nation, HSN, Hasbro, ESPN and Avis as customers. With its new Campaign Builder, Localytics will be able to help its customers deliver personalized mobile experiences that generate more value for the app. In fact, one national retailer has already seen impressive results from a beta test of the Campaign Builder. The retailer has seen open rates for an abandoned cart campaign increase from 1.9% to 4.16% in just one month, making it clear that thanks to the new Campaign Builder, push notifications are reaching users at the right time and having a material impact on engagement.

The new Localytics Campaign Builder is designed to help marketers overcome the complexity of understanding and responding to customer interactions on mobile and digital channels and help them deliver a truly personalized experience for each and every one of their customers. Additionally, the Campaign Builder uses Localytics’ rich mobile analytics data to help marketers improve their campaigns over time by understanding the impact well beyond clicks and conversions.

The new Campaign Builder will enable customers to:

  • Trigger messages in real time – Localytics customers will now be able to develop multi-step campaigns that incorporate event triggers, delays and relevant rich push notifications for each step in the campaign.
  • Leverage all their data – Localytics’ best-in-class targeting capabilities are also included. For example, a brand could target a user who has looked at a pair of shoes three times in the last 30 days and split the messaging based on if the shoes were brown or black, with no additional development time required.
  • Send one message to multiple apps – Localytics’ Event Mapping and App Groups will enable customers to create their messages once and send them to multiple apps.

In the coming months, Localytics will be adding additional features to the Campaign Builder. Planned enhancements include support for additional channels, in-depth performance reporting, and the ability to send data updates to Salesforce Marketing Cloud as a step in a campaign. The new Campaign Builder will be generally available to customers starting in July.

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