Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself: The Waterfall API

2 minute read

Upland Admin

It’s with great pleasure that I’d like to announce Waterfall’s newly updated API Documentation. The site includes a wealth of background information and examples to help get you started using mobile messaging quickly and painlessly.

Beyond the introductory sections, we also provide detailed information about each and every API available to Waterfall clients. We restructured the updated version to be more readable and consumable from a developer’s perspective. As developers ourselves, we know all too well the frustration that stems from poor or incomplete documentation.

So, go ahead – dive in, explore, discover something you didn’t realize our platform could do (and – if I do say so myself – do well). Make sure to take a gander at our v2 APIs (officially in beta but still rock solid and growing rapidly) and peruse the different channel APIs our flagship application, The Waterfall Platform, uses to create cross-channel broadcasts and provide an interleaved stream of consciousness from your subscriber base.

There’s more to come too. Our v2 APIs will soon shake off those beta training wheels, and we’ll also be adding the ability to try out any API right from the documentation.

If there is anything else you’d like to see or have a question about, please post a comment below, visit us on GitHub or reach out directly.

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