Create Text Message SMS Campaigns that Sync with Blackbaud

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One of the biggest challenges of running any outreach campaign is keeping track of all the information. That’s why Upland Mobile Messaging SMS Software syncs all of our campaign information with our CRM partners. So if you’re a Blackbaud customer looking to create a mobile marketing campaign, we make it easy to add mobile reach to your existing marketing efforts. Here’s how it works.

Upland Mobile Messaging’s integration with Blackbaud Sphere effortlessly synchronizes information between your CRM database and Upland Mobile Messaging. Profile data such as name, email, mobile number, address, and interactions are synchronized in real time between the two systems, allowing you to keep track of everybody, easily.

When a user opts-in or adds a mobile number, we update both databases.

Path 1: User texts to your organization

  • Our system compares the information in the text against the Blackbaud Sphere database.
  • If the user’s record is found in Sphere… we update it with the mobile number, 
and update Upland Mobile Messaging with any additional information (e.g. name & 
  • If the user’s record is not found in Sphere…. we add the person to Sphere and 
optionally send them a welcome email.

Path 2: The user opts in through Blackbaud Sphere 

  • Each night, we import all new records in Sphere with a valid mobile number.
  • These people are opted in for text alerts and receive a welcome text message
  • You can choose to opt-in ALL constituents with a mobile number, or just users who check a “Send Text Alerts” box.

Upland Mobile Messaging processes all Blackbaud Sphere updates, every day

  • We pull in all recent updates from Sphere and process them nightly.
  • For example, if an existing constituent provides their home address, this will be pulled into Upland Mobile Messaging, allowing your organization to do geographic targeting with your mobile list.

Nobody gets text messages they don’t ask for

  • We set a flag in Sphere to indicate whether or not a user is opted in to mobile.
  • This field is updated immediately when the user opts in and again when they opt out by texting STOP.

Synchronize different mobile campaigns with different Blackbaud Sphere campaigns

  • Optionally specify a mapping between mobile keywords and Sphere groups.
  • For example, if someone texts CAT, they can automatically be put in your “Cat Lovers” group. If they text DOG, they will be added to the “Dog Lovers” group.
  • This mapping happens in both directions: different web forms send supporters different welcome messages depending on their area of interest.

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