Get Out The Vote 2022: Building a Strong SMS Subscriber List

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Team Mobile Messaging

With every election, having a good mobile strategy grows in importance. Text messaging connects campaigns with their supporters, provides voting information, and is a proven tactic to increase voter turnout. The speed, immediacy, and ease that SMS has to offer make it an essential tool for your Get Out The Vote (GOTV)  campaign in 2022.

When your campaign is ready to share with the world, you want to be sure there is a large audience ready and willing to read your message. That’s why mobile list growth is a key part of your GOTV efforts. While many channels allow you to deliver information to your audience, text messaging is particularly important because it offers quick two-way communication on a widely used channel.

In a world where your audience can be reached in multiple ways, if you’re going to grow your list and drive engagement you need to be visible and meet them on their preferred channel and use those platforms to direct your voters to your text messaging list. Once you get them there, you need to make sure your list growth strategies are compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Include compliance language in your calls-to-action (CTA)

Whether you promote your keyword via social media, email, TV, or in-person, your opt-in CTA must:

  • Identify your organization
  • Inform the recipient that data and messaging charges may apply
  • Provide clear instructions for opting out of your communications and receiving help
  • State that you will send the recipient recurring automated messages
  • Include a link to your privacy policy and terms and conditions. For example:


By providing your mobile number you consent
to receive automated recurring text messages from
[ORGANIZATION]. Messages & Data Rates May Apply. Text
HELP for info or text STOP to opt out to [SHORT CODE]. No
purchase necessary. [LINK TO TERMS/PRIVACY POLICY]


If you collect opt-ins through a webform, make sure your compliance language appears near the mobile number form field, and do not use a pre-checked box. Similar to your CTA, the first message you send to a new member of your list should include instructions for opting out of communications. For example:

5 msgs/mo. Reply STOP to quit, HELP for more info.

Once you have members on your list, ensure you remain compliant by including opt-out instructions periodically as you continue to message them to remind them how they may opt-out should they wish to.

Spreading the (key)word

Now you’ve addressed the compliance of your opt-in path, it’s time to start growing your list. Here are some channels to consider promoting your keywords:


It’s likely your email subscribers are already engaged in the communications you send. Drive more value and action by letting them know they can subscribe to your texts. Be sure your email CTA conveys the value of your texts and incentivizes people to subscribe, whether that be through exclusive content, early access to announcements, or event information.


Add SMS opt-in checkboxes and mobile fields to all web forms, particularly donation forms, as mobile subscribers are more likely to donate. To maximize conversion, check to ensure your forms are mobile-responsive and user-friendly.


While COVID has sidelined many in-person events, your digital events still act as an opportunity to promote your keyword. Say and display your keyword and shortcode whenever possible and give attendees plenty of time to complete the opt-in process.

Social media

With the ability for your network and followers to share your posts, your social media profiles give you wide reach; maximize the opportunity by promoting your opt-in calls-to-action. Add CTAs to your evergreen social space such as cover photos and bios. Use Instagram captions and photos to promote your keywords, make shareable graphics with your text opt-ins, and encourage your followers to share, retweet, or add to their stories.

To get the most success from your GOTV strategy this year, having a large list is essential. Look to your existing channels where you already have highly engaged subscribers and followers to increase your chances of converting them into mobile list members. When you get them there make sure you’re ready to communicate with them effectively and drive high engagement. Unsure how to do that? We’ve got you covered. Head on over to our next GOTV blog to discover the essential mobile messaging engagement strategies for 2022.

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