Mobile CRM Webinar: 6 Must Haves for Effective Cross-channel CRM

1 minute read

Upland Admin

Too often people talk about marketing channels within specific silos. At worst you have email and mobile managers competing for the same customer’s attention, or social media managers with no knowledge of a brand’s opted-in database.

The preferred alternative is cross channel (as opposed to multichannel) marketing. At its core marketing has consumer-centric goals, such as driving purchasing or increasing brand equity, and not channel ones like clicks and views (more of a means to an end). In this webinar, featuring guest commentary from Constant Contact’s Michael Karampalas, we unpack exactly how companies can launch an effective cross channel strategy focused on CRM. From the Getting It Right In Mobile series.

To view the webinar presentation, download the PDF version or check it out on slideshare.

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