Mobile Messaging Advocacy Instantly Connects Your Supporters to their Congressional Representatives

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If you want to mobilize hundreds of thousands of people to petition Congress, now there’s a simple solution.

Today we’re announcing the launch of a new product: Upland Mobile Messaging Advocacy. We wanted to make it easy for any organization to rally its base, to drive phone calls to Congress, and to have an effect on pending legislation. So we created one streamlined product that’s quick to launch and limitless in its impact.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen our clients achieve major successes through focused phone call campaigns. Tumblr drove half a million calls to protest SOPA; Mayors Against Illegal Guns is rallying nationwide support to curtail gun violence. By directing tens or hundreds of thousands of people to speak their minds directly to powerbrokers on the Hill, these and other organizations like them are transforming popular support into legislative results.

With Upland Mobile Messaging Advocacy, any organization can have the same impact.

Turn Passive Supporters into Active Callers

Upland Mobile Messaging Advocacy instantly connects callers with their federal or state legislators, automatically matched according to their districts. You can also connect people directly to the White House switchboard. Upland Mobile MessagingAdvocacy comes equipped with a full state and federal legislator directory, which we update regularly when there are new legislators or changes to legislative districts.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your supporters fill out a form on your website, inputting their phone number and address.
  2. The supporter’s phone rings. Alternately, supporters can launch their phone calls by directly dialing a number you provide.
  3. When the supporter picks up, she hears your key talking points.
  4. Your supporter is routed to her district-matched legislator.

It’s that easy. Moreover, once your supporters have been connected to one number, our system can connect them to others – so it’s painless for your constituents to call their Representatives, their Senators, and the White House in just a few minutes of their time.

By making it easy for people to take action, you can turn your passive supporters into direct advocates and affect legislators’ votes on key issues.

Track All Calls in Real Time

At Upland Mobile Messaging we believe that thorough data is the foundation for sweeping insights. We keep track of everything, from where callers are transferred to the time they spend on the phone to who exactly is calling. What’s more, we log that data in real time, so you can see the calls as they come in. Data is then stored in the Upland Mobile Messaging platform, for you to access at your convenience.

Additionally, we create user profiles for all callers in our CRM database. That way, your Upland Mobile MessagingAdvocacy initiative can seamlessly integrate with your existing outreach efforts, or a broader mobile campaign – whether you already have one, or you’d like to launch one in the future.

Phone Call Advocacy Works

As mentioned above, our clients have had tremendous successes with phone call advocacy. We’ve worked on thousands of advocacy campaigns; below are just a few of those successes. These initiatives are the inspiration behind the Upland Mobile Messaging Advocacy product.

  • Tumblr, Reddit and other leading Internet groups drove half a million calls in protest of the invasive SOPA and PIPA anti-piracy legislation. The outpouring of negative public sentiment caused both the House and the Senate to indefinitely postpone their bills.
  • Reform Immigration 4 America has generated half a million advocacy phone calls in support of comprehensive immigration reform.
  • Mayors Against Gun Violence has rallied nationwide support its call to curtail gun violence. They’re asking people to directly petition Congress and the President with a list of specific policy proposals.
  • The AARP asked senior citizens to take a stand against social security cuts, inspiring 123,000 phone calls to legislators.
  • Callers from Food & Water Watch overwhelmed the White House switchboard in a powerful statement against fracking. Food & Water Watch won meetings with White House officials.

Get Started Now

If you’re at all interested in launching your own Upland Mobile Messaging Advocacy campaign, request a demo today! Our team of strategists is available to give you a free consultation or product demo. We can discuss your goals, and explore how Upland Mobile Messaging Advocacy can help you achieve them.

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