Tap into Mobile Wallet Marketing with Wallet Pass Manager

In today’s mobile-first world, it’s not enough to simply provide a mobile experience. To win over customers, brands must provide a good mobile experience, one that blends convenience with ease of use and responsiveness with relevance.

Upland Mobile Messaging is committed to enhancing the customer experience at every step of the mobile relationship, which is why we’re proud to launch our new Wallet Pass Manager solution.

What is Mobile Wallet?

Odds are, you’ve already got a mobile wallet in your pocket – even if you don’t know it.

Mobile wallets are smartphone apps such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay that securely store payment information, allowing people to quickly make payments without reaching for cash or cards. The convenience of mobile payment has made wallet apps, now preinstalled on most smartphones, an increasingly popular tool for consumers on the go. According to a Zion Market Research report:

“In 2017, around 50% of the U.S. cell phone users were indulged in some kind of mobile payment activities, and the figure is projected to reach 90% by 2020 with the use of various technologies such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.”

Of course, most people aren’t completely giving up on cash and cards, but that doesn’t mean those who prefer to pay physically can’t also benefit from mobile wallet. In addition to credit and debit cards, mobile wallets can be used to store “card-like” information such as tickets, coupons, and vouchers on a mobile device, making them a convenient tool for marketers to reach their audience with mobile wallet passes.

What is a Wallet Pass?

A wallet pass is a digital substitute for a physical card, ticket, or coupon that you previously would have slipped into your pocket. With wallet passes, that information can be securely saved on your phone and encoded via barcode for easy access at any time.

For brands, a wallet pass essentially functions as an “app within an app,” allowing you to put branded content directly in your audience’s pocket. You can use wallet passes to send things like:

  • Coupons and Discounts
  • Boarding Passes
  • Event Tickets
  • Membership Cards
  • Incentives and Other Offers

The wallet pass can also be updated remotely, ensuring consumers always have the most up-to-date, relevant pass information at their fingertips.

What are the other benefits of Mobile Wallet marketing?

Thinking about trying mobile wallet? You’re not alone. While still a relatively new channel, mobile wallet is rapidly increasing in popularity, both with marketers excited to use its potential and consumers who enjoy its convenience.

Here are just a few of the reasons to consider mobile wallet marketing.

Mobile Wallet passes can be delivered through any of your existing marketing channels.

You can promote mobile wallet passes through email, SMS, push, onsite, in-app, social, and even display ads. No matter where your audience is, you can easily connect them with a wallet pass.

Mobile Wallet gives you another way to connect with your mobile audience.

Once a user downloads your pass, their mobile wallet becomes another channel for you to market through. Because wallet passes can be updated remotely, you can use this channel to ensure wallet subscribers always have the latest discounts or promotions.

You can also deliver push notifications through the mobile wallet app. These notifications put your content directly on a user’s lock screen, all without having to deal with the potential deliverability issues posed by SMS or email.

Mobile Wallet provides app-like engagement without the pitfalls of apps.

While apps can effectively command an engaged user’s attention, the barrier of entry into the battle for app engagement is sky-high. According to Business of Apps, American mobile users spend 77% of their app time with their top three apps, typically social or streaming apps.  The number of apps a person uses per month also continues to fall, dropping from 21 in 2016 to 20 in 2019.

Fortunately, because mobile wallet apps are typically preinstalled on smartphones, wallet passes don’t require new app downloads. That also eliminates the need for app development and maintenance, as you can easily create and update mobile wallet passes through Upland.

Mobile Wallet allows for triggered, targeted messaging.

Upland’s mobile wallet solution ensures that your customers always have the most relevant promotions in their pocket. For instance, you can use behavioral data to provide repeat customers with offers for the goods they buy most or reward your best customers with higher discounts.

You can also maximize wallet pass redemption with time- and location-based targeting. Personalized triggers allow you to send push notifications at the time of day when users are most likely to make a purchase, while geofencing enables you to target users who are near your store.

How can I launch my first Mobile Wallet campaign?

Just talk to us! With Upland Mobile Messaging, you can create and deploy wallet passes through the same solution you use for SMS and MMS. That way, you can seamlessly provide your audience with a convenient mobile experience.

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