RI4A Combines Social Media with Text Messaging to Create Powerful Calls to Action

1 minute read

Upland Admin

Reform Immigration 4 America is using dramatic, conversation-starting graphics to rally and increase the size of their mobile base. The immigration reform activist group has created a series of eye-catching graphics that are being posted across social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. Each image includes a text call to action, so that viewers can get involved in the RI4A campaign as soon as they’re inspired.

The visuals and text remind viewers about the very human faces and experiences behind the political jousting that often surrounds immigration reform. They also encourage viewers to join the mobile network to keep up-to-date on immigration reform news and concerns.

RI4A’s outreach is a perfect example of how mobile can be used in conjunction with social media. Social media is a great broadcast outlet – but it only starts the conversation. By using social to encourage people to sign up for your mobile campaign, you can develop a more in-depth relationship.

Here are some of RI4A’s recent images:

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