The Dos and Don’ts of Holiday Mobile Marketing

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The Dos and Don’ts of Holiday Mobile Marketing

Giselle Tsirulnik over at Mobile Marketer recently posted a great list of the dos and don’ts of holiday season mobile marketing.

In case you missed them before Thanksgiving, I wanted to repost Giselle’s list here. It’s a must read for anyone pondering a holiday-timed mobile marketing program.

Drumroll, please…

  1. Consider that these purchases are primarily for other people, so make sure to orient mobile offerings to that context.
  2. Because it’s the holiday, if a brand doesn’t already have an established mobile market, it will need to do in-store tie-ins – “Can’t find that perfect gift? Text GIFT to 123456 for a link to our holiday gift finder!”
  3. Consumers during the holiday season are typically tight on both time and money, so anything that can be done to help them save in either department is a nearly always a winner.
  4. Allocate placements to on-the-go, “time saving” categories such bite-sized news, information, entertainment or even communications channels like mobile IM or email – all categories that are endemic to mobile.
  5. Use tactics like store locators, discounts or just key product information or tips made mobile – basically anything that can make the lives of consumers a little bit easier will always be a hit during the holidays.
  6. Make sure if you are launching or have a mobile marketing application, it is compatible with the full range of devices out there (no flash).
  7. Think of the least common denominator in screen size and browser capability and make it work. Remember, in aggregate, BlackBerry has a larger penetration than the iPhone and it doesn’t do flash at all.
  8. Keep your mobile marketing application lightweight. Not every area has 3G coverage.
  9. Make sure messaging is consistent with other channels and information is accurate.
  10. Make it fun.

Giselle makes an excellent point in her article – one that is not only important during the holiday season, but year round.  Keep the shopper in mind! The more brands integrate consumers’ interests and behavior into marketing plans, the easier it will be to keep them engaged (and buying stuff) year round.

Here’s to an outstanding, and profitable, holiday season for all.

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