Top 5 Ways to Integrate Text Messaging Into Your Existing Marketing Campaigns

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Team Mobile Messaging

Overwhelmed with email and underwhelmed by social media, audiences are tuning out your marketing efforts. SMS, however, is easily the most engaged form of communication on mobile devices with 99% of text messages being read, and often within the first 90 seconds of receipt.

Organizations can easily and instantly engage consumers and prospective customers through the use of SMS marketing. A common misconception though, is that adding text messaging into your marketing strategy means developing a completely new channel from scratch.

But that doesn’t need to be the case.

Here are the top 5 ways to integrate text messaging into your existing marketing campaigns.

1. Incorporate an SMS call to action to your existing programs

Rather than developing a brand-new campaign for SMS users, drive ongoing campaign conversions by offering a simple way for consumers to opt in. On your website, social campaigns and even print advertising, include a text code CTA to unlock content, access discounts and more. These offers can be delivered to, and accessed instantly from, mobile devices. You can see how Everytown for Gun Safety uses text messages within this REJECT video and shares the experience of a text to call.

2. Add a ‘Mobile Number’ field to your current opt in forms

Your forms may already include this information as it is. Once a user enters in their mobile number, and your opt-in language is on your form to remain compliant, follow up with a double opt-in confirmation or even a surprise text-only additional offer. Doing this will ease your contact into SMS communications and gear you up for future success.

3. Expand the reach of your offers and promotions via SMS

There’s no need to jump out of the SMS gate with unique offers and text-only promotions. Instead, expand the reach of your current campaigns by targeting and segmenting specific customer bases. Because text messages have a click-through rate of 36%, compared to email’s measly 2% CTR, you’re much more likely to see a spike in conversions as well.

4. Improve engagement by encouraging a text feedback

Follow the lead of Electrolux by adding SMS CTAs directly on product packaging. The idea behind the initiative is that Electrolux can leverage its existing packaging assets to quickly gauge customer satisfaction. You can do the same by asking for text ratings or comments on product labels and packaging.

5. Use text messages to determine which of your customers are still engaged with your business

Not getting the engagement you’re expecting through other channels? Create a list segmentation of low engaged contacts then send out an SMS message with an enticing offer or feedback request. This is a great way to re-engage contacts with your brand and find out why your marketing efforts could be missing the mark.


Upland Mobile Messaging has helped some of the largest companies and institutions in the world reach their target consumers and inspire them to take action.  Send and receive personalized texts, build two-way relationships, and create deep bonds at scale.

Incorporating text messaging into your strategy doesn’t need to be a massive and daunting undertaking. We’d love to help you enhance your existing marketing campaigns with SMS messaging.

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