Upland Mobile Messaging Featured on Nonprofit Radio with Tony Martignetti

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Upland Admin

Tune in Friday, May 4th at 1:00 PM Eastern for 18NTC/NTEN & SMS Fundraising to hear Upland Mobile Messaging’s very own Lead Mobile Strategist, Taylor Dankmyer, as he speaks about the value of SMS with the most respected voice in nonprofit radio with Tony Martignetti.

Leaders and experts from a variety of nonprofits tune in each week to heed advice and counsel from Tony on his show. Through 1 to 1 conversations with organization leaders and teams, Nonprofit Radio provides listeners the chance to learn from their peers in the space as Tony tackles some of the biggest challenges for NPO’s.

While Tony addresses topics from fundraising, and volunteer management, to legal issues, marketing and technology this week he will open up the conversation around nonprofits and text message communication.  Taylor Dankmyer, Mobile Strategist for Upland Mobile Messaging, will join Sandi Fox, Principle of Smart As A Fox and Rachel Kottler, with Maska, Neill & Co, to discuss the value of SMS campaigns as a form to increase donations and educating constituents, best practices around growing your text messaging list, the importance of creating goals, and determining the best platforms for your SMS needs.

If you are unable to join this Friday May 4th at 1:00 PM ET for: 18NTC/NTEN & SMS Fundraising, the show will become available on iTunes in a couple days to listen on demand at your convenience!


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