What do Rachel Maddow and Piers Morgan Have in Common? They’re Fans of Upland Mobile Messaing Advocacy

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They come from different countries and work for rival networks, but CNN host Piers Morgan and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow agree on at least one thing: Upland Mobile Messaging Advocacy is a revolutionary tool for turning popular opinion into legislative results.

Over the past few days, both Morgan and Maddow have praised our advocacy product on the air. Rachel Maddow spoke up in a segment on The Rachel Maddow Show devoted to Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and their campaign to support expanded gun laws. “This is smart, right? Take people who are moved by this issue and connect them to the person they can most move in Washington.”

Morgan’s plaudits came on Piers Morgan Tonight, when he was interviewing Tony Bennett and his son Danny about their Upland Mobile Messaging Advocacy campaign for Voices Against Violence. “I love this idea,” he said. “This is direct action.”

Maddow and Morgan are both talking about Upland Mobile Messaging Advocacy’s ability to turn a broad swath of public opinion into direct political action by automatically connecting people with their senators. People simply need to call a phone number or text a short code to automatically be connected with a legislator. Upland Mobile Messaging Advocacy also gives our customers a chance to pre-record their own talking points, so that callers are reminded of the crucial issues before they are connected.

People and organizations ranging from Michael Bloomberg to Tony Bennett to Tumblr have used Upland Mobile Messaging call campaigns to achieve their desired legislative outcomes. To launch your own Upland Mobile Messaging Advocacy campaign, contact us now.

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