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QR Codes for Touchless Experiences

Learn how Upland Mobile Messaging can help you implement QR Codes

Providing your customers with an outstanding experience starts with providing them a safe experience.

In today’s world, this often means offering touchless options. QR codes, or “quick response” codes, are the perfect solution for brands seeking safety and convenience for their audiences.

QR codes enable users to trigger actions in a matter of seconds. All users need to do is scan the QR Code with their smartphone, and they immediately receive a triggered action on their device. No contact necessary.

Contactless Menus, Coupons, and Other Links

Retailers, restaurants, and other organizations can use QR codes for a variety of touchless use cases, including:

  • Providing restaurant patrons with touch-free menus that can be updated without having to print new menus.
  • Supporting curbside pickup, takeout, or other alternatives to the dine-in experience.
  • Allowing users to view product information and promotions directly from flyers, direct mail, or other print media.
  • Offering fast ways to download apps without having to search through app stores.
  • Delivering up-to-date ingredients and dietary information about menu items.

Download our QR Code datasheet to learn how QR Code marketing can help you provide your customers with a seamless, contactless experience.

Download the datasheet

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