Audience Development Software & Services

Build lasting relationships with your known audience.

Get a direct link to your site visitors, and you get a way to build lasting relationships. PostUp’s full-service audience development software connects you with your visitors to maximize the value of your known audience.

  • Email Capture Technology

    High-performance onsite capture widgets maximize email list growth and first-party data collection.

  • Expert Services

    Our full-service growth team creates, executes, and optimizes a custom list growth strategy tailored to your needs.

  • Audience Enrichment

    Strengthen your audience relationships by turning your first-party data into actionable audience segments.

  • Browser Push

    Grow your direct audience across channels with push solutions that complement your list growth strategy.

Email Capture Technology

Maximize email list growth and first-party data—all without complicated installation or clunky onsite ad tech.

  • Endlessly customizable active capture widgets achieve rapid growth without harming the user experience
  • First-party data collection enriches audience data across 40+ fields while interoperating with your third-party tech
  • Advanced detection allows you to adjust onsite experience for ad blockers or incognito browsing
  • No siloed data—full integrations with Google Analytics and others put all your first-party data in one place

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A Team of Audience Development Experts

Put the full force of our list growth experience behind your email capture strategy. With PostUp’s full-service audience development software and solutions, just add our JavaScript to your site, and PostUp’s experts will:

  • Create a custom audience development strategy aligned with your email program
  • Develop and test all copy and creative across devices
  • Optimize capture to maximize list growth and minimize impact on site KPIs
  • Perform ongoing maintenance and creative updates

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Email Audience Enrichment

Do more with the data you already have. PostUp makes the first-party data in your Google Analytics actionable at the individual level, allowing you to strengthen your audience relationships with enriched data.

  • Establish and reconcile audience identity through the email address, without additional identity management technology
  • Create actionable audience segments for personalized experiences based on content consumption
  • Put your first-party data to use in email, on site, and in Google Ads
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Browser Push Notifications

Browser push gives you one more way to grow your direct audience. PostUp’s push solution works in tandem with your email capture strategy to connect you with more of your passing site traffic.

  • Maximize your audience across desktop and mobile
  • Deliver content to your audience directly and “buzz their pockets” immediately—no app download necessary
  • Use PostUp’s optimized browser push CTAs to convert far more users than default browser prompts
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From email list growth to monetization and everything in between, we’re here to help.