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Email marketing is still one of the most relevant ways to engage with your subscribers in a one-to-one conversation.  However, in order for the subscriber to become engaged and stay engaged, those conversations need to be targeted to each subscriber.  PostUp would like to remind you of three targeting features available in the PostUp platform that customers often overlook.

MSA Targeting: Easily deploy mailings to metropolitan areas

Metropolitan Statistical Area Targeting, or MSA Targeting, allows PostUp clients to easily send mailings to large metropolitan areas.

An MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) is the grouping of postal codes that make up the greater metro areas for a given city, as defined by the U.S Office of Management and Budget and used by the Census Bureau. For example, the New York, NY, MSA includes postal codes for New York, Long Beach, Poughkeepsie, Yonkers, and several other surrounding communities.

When you use MSA Targeting for your mailings, PostUp can easily determine the targeted postal codes for the MSA(s) and then find the recipients on your list that reside in that MSA. To use MSA Targeting, select MSA Name or MSA Number as a condition to match on the Targeting tab when creating a mailing.

  • Pro Tip: You can select multiple MSAs as well.

Targeting Estimator: Get recipient counts without a mailing draft

With PostUp’s Targeting Estimator, you can run recipient counts without having to create a mailing draft first. Found on the List tab, this feature allows you to set up all your targeting criteria and see how many recipients match your criteria without creating a mailing. You can also export the recipients that match your selected criteria for further analysis or import them into a unique list.

  • Pro Tip: use the Brand selector to filter your lists for easier selection.  You can also can get counts of all recipients that match your criteria, regardless of the status the recipient is in.

Time Zone Targeting:  Send emails to recipients in their time zone

The Time Zone Targeting feature is the ideal way to ensure inbox placement for your subscribers based on their time zone. If you are already tracking location data for your recipients, the Time Zone Targeting feature can easily be added to mailings. Using this feature eliminates the need to send multiple messages by country or state segments.  It also allows you to review engagement and delivery statistics by time zone for mailings with Time Zone Targeting enabled.

Email subscribers are more tech-savvy than ever, which means they’re less tolerant of receiving content that does not live up to their expectations.  By leveraging targeting features and targeted content, you can craft engaging email messages that your subscribers look forward to reading.

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