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Improve IT Portfolio Optimization, Demand Management, Resource Utilization, and Project Execution

PowerSteering provides all the project and portfolio management (PPM) capabilities to run IT like a business. What does this mean to CIOs, IT staff and project managers?

First, we help you manage every aspect of IT. Traditional PPM software focuses only on projects. PowerSteering delivers support not only for projects, but any IT portfolio – including applications, help desk services, routine IT requests and much more. It’s a truly holistic solution.

Second, we allow you to make IT more effective and efficient by helping you make the right portfolio investments. In addition, PowerSteering provides greater visibility into the demands made on IT and the results delivered, helping you rationalize the IT spend. Information like this is a great asset in proving how IT adds value and aligns with your organization’s overall strategy.

Capture Demand, Optimize Resources and Accelerate Project Execution

  • Implement a governance process that improves IT ROI, cost control and service levels.
  • Allocate resources to strategic priorities based on capacity and skill set.
  • Streamline project execution to increase overall velocity.
  • Implement a single system of record for all project documentation, knowledge management, issues and risks.
  • Institute ongoing analysis to improve visibility and control.
  • Determine when to “kill” projects.

Rationalize IT Applications

  • Decide which applications are worth the investment — and which are not.
  • Rank and score all applications.
  • Evaluate applications using multiple criteria (e.g. strategic alignment, architectural fit, user needs and trends).
  • Determine where to cut costs by eliminating system redundancy.
  • Assess cost to maintain and support applications.
  • Identify applications using risky or outdated technologies.

Gain Complete Control over Outsourced IT Activity

  • Ensure that outsourced initiatives are on course.
  • Track costs and billing rates.
  • Increase business value.
  • Enforce accountability.
  • Streamline timesheet reporting and approvals.

Support Every Business Line and Any Portfolio

  • Apply the discipline of PPM to internal customers, corporate functions and strategic initiatives.
  • Align projects with strategic priorities, optimize project selection and ensure business case requirements are met.
  • Enhance portfolio visibility, including insight into what’s on track and what’s not.
  • Improve execution and complete projects faster.
  • Assign the best resources based on skill set and capacity.
  • Accommodate any group’s project methodology.

Minimize Non-discretionary Work

  • Activities like these can take up to 70% of IT’s time.
  • Reduce wait times for IT help desk support.
  • Improve service levels.
  • Enhance system maintenance.
  • Facilitate software deployment.

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