PPM Software for Mergers & Acquisitions

Improve Acquisition Due Diligence and Post-Merger Integration

Speeding up merger and acquisition management and integration is essential for maximizing shareholder value from M&A efforts. PowerSteering Software helps you do just that.

Our M&A Management solution provides end-to-end management of the entire process. As the deal moves through screening, due diligence, execution and integration, and beyond, PowerSteering keeps everything running smoothly.

To prevent any activities from falling through the cracks, PowerSteering enforces accountability for the full action list of critical initiatives. In addition, it enables executives to obtain clear insight into where the process stands at any point, from inception through integration.

PowerSteering also addresses the following key M&A management requirements:

  • Compliance with regulatory and time-sensitive pressures
  • Information needs from vastly different entities (e.g. buyers, lawyers, investment bankers, advisers) in different locations and organizations
  • A secure area (Virtual Data Room) for document management, including controls to ensure only authorized people can access information

Finally, our deep understanding of the M&A landscape — and our strategic partnerships with M&A leaders like Intralinks — has informed the development of our M&A Management solution. Our related experience spans multiple industries, including food and beverage, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, financial services and defense contracting.


  • Get our full enterprise solution up and running in one to three weeks (or even less).
  • Gather information from all parts of the organization about competitors, potential deals and attractive industries.
  • Rely on a 100% secure and confidential Virtual Data Room to analyze prospective acquisition targets and/or divestiture candidates.
  • Use deal dashboards and graphical displays to see alignment by strategic objectives and rank and score potential deals against your custom value drivers.


  • Enjoy more effective and efficient integration execution, project management and status reporting.
  • Allow team members to collaborate, share best practices and access a robust document library — all in a single place.
  • Eliminate politics and bias with a neutral, Web-accessible platform.
  • Accommodate your methodology and business process without changing the way you work.


  • Compare business targets with forecasts and realized benefits.
  • Enjoy executive visibility and roll-up of critical value drivers and financial synergies.
  • Track savings at various points following the merger.

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