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The ability to innovate and bring new products to market is vital to the health and growth of an organization. Evaluating market needs, prioritizing based on risk, strategy and budgetary impact, and correctly allocating resources are all key elements to successful product launch. Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a significant asset for organizations who want to strategically manage a successful development process from intake to delivery and create a sustainable pace of innovation.

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From Ideation to Delivery in a Consolidated Solution

PowerSteering provides a top-down model for ideation, planning, project and resource management, and project execution. Featuring a structured and centralized methodology for intake, planning, and delivery, it streamlines business case evaluation, provides tools to evaluate resource capacity, and provides reporting to deliver the highest value projects.

Improve Prioritization Selection to Increase Portfolio Value

PowerSteering provides exceptional support for project selection and prioritization, ranging from simple ranking by data entry to fully automated calculations of strategic alignment, financial reward, and risk.

Real-time Insight into Portfolio Performance

Stay abreast of project status with visual dashboards and reports that provide a centralized and consolidated snapshot of key performance indicators. Track and monitor percent complete, overall health, and budgetary impact to date across the portfolio to ensure you’re delivering on time within budget.


Product Demo: PPM For New Product Development

A structured project and portfolio-oriented approach will give you the support you need to effectively plan, manage, and optimize new product launch with the ability to prioritize the most profitable projects.

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Webinar: PPM for New Product Development