PPM Software for New Product Development

Accelerate Time to Market and Increase Portfolio Value for New Products

Are you focused on streamlining your product development processes, accelerating time to market and maximizing the value of your product portfolio? PowerSteering Software provides top-down governance for ideation, project selection, resource allocation, product development tracking, project management, and reporting with complete visibility at every phase.

Our easy-to-use software puts you in control of the process starting with graphical dashboards and in-depth analytics to help you prioritize R&D investments and strike the right balance between new and existing products. We continually empower you with reliable and actionable information so you can make timely go/no go decisions. Our extensive capacity planning tools ensure the strategic allocation of resources to the most critical projects while factoring in availability, skill, location and dependencies. And a powerful visual portal displays key performance metrics so you can monitor crucial product development information including:

  • New product pipeline health
  • Project delivery performance by business unit
  • R&D spending trends for new vs. existing product lines
  • At-risk initiatives that require executive attention
  • Failing projects that should be stopped
  • New product ROI

Gain product development insight, governance, and portfolio visibility with PowerSteering’s on-demand software. Find out how our configurable, flexible, scalable, quick to implement and easy to use solution can help you:

  • Align your product portfolio with strategic priorities
  • Set and adhere to portfolio spending targets
  • Make time-to-market a competitive advantage
  • Improve resource allocation and reduce costs
  • Leverage product development best practices
  • Expand product launch capacity
  • Create a sustainable pace of innovation

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