Deliver More Comprehensive, Accurate, and Actionable Insight

The Project Management Office (PMO) is a strategic department within any organization to manage accountability, compliance, and financial visibility into any project, program, portfolio, resource, investment, or work type across all divisions. A well-structured PMO provides stakeholders with the required insight to make business decisions related to project capacity and delivery, and the ensuing budgetary impact.

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Manage the PMO Process from Intake to Closeout

PowerSteering is a robust Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution that provides structured, top-down portfolio management for both planned and active projects. See how and where project resources are allocated, as well as the organization’s capacity to deliver additional project capacity.

Support Every Line of Business

PowerSteering lets you apply the discipline of PPM to internal, corporate programs. Capture ideas and work requests and rank according to strategic priority, risk, and financial reward. Ensure the best resources are allocated to the highest impact projects.

Real-time Insight into Portfolio Performance

Obtain top-down visibility into projects, work, and investments with automated dashboards and reports. Track and monitor percent complete, overall health, and budgetary impact across the portfolio. Drill into any project for more information and ensure you’re delivering on time within budget.


How British Sugar improved visibility and accountability

Learn why British Sugar chose PowerSteering to corral forward-thinking Continuous Improvement plans into a single pane of glass to empower decision making, enforce governance, and give insight into finances.

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Case Study: Highways England