Resource Management

Improve Project Planning With Real-Time Resource Visibility

In PowerSteering, Project Central provides an integrated workspace for project and resource planning. Using the interactive Gantt chart, Project Managers can adjust the scheduling of projects and tasks, and immediately view the impact on resources in the Team Panel window below, so users can easily see the resource implications of scheduling decisions and identify conflicts – at the individual, role or team level.

Team Panel automatically highlights any capacity issues and allows project and resource managers to make adjustments in real time to resolve problems. A Resource Histogram provides a graphical representation of availability by role and overall, and visually displays the difference between the supply — hours resources have to work — and demand — the staffed and unstaffed allocations. Team Panel also provides the flexibility to support various resource planning styles without mandating any particular approach, resulting in more effective resource utilization and improved project delivery.

Put the Right Resources on the Right Work to Optimize Utilization

PowerSteering’s Resource Review makes it easy for Resource Managers to view their people’s workload and see all current allocations as well as any demand targeted at their resource pool. A single resource may be placed into one or more resource pools, and resource pools may include internal, external, and non-licensed users, in order to account for all resource supply. The resource pool and resource demand may be characterized by as many attributes (data fields) as needed by the organization in order to successfully perform demand management, determine availability (by any attribute), and for detailed resource management.

The system will help find the right people for the right job at the right time by matching work requirements to qualifications and availability. Resources may be qualified by their roles, skills, location, or any set of attributes needed to successfully manage supply and demand. In addition the product supports skills development and tracking. For example, PowerSteering can track user training and certifications, and Resource Managers can search to see everyone that has a certain certification or those that are currently enrolled in training. When filling resource demands, the system will automatically search for the “Best Match” based upon the requirements defined by the project manager (by role, skill, proficiency, etc.).

Manage All Resource Allocations, Not Just Project Work

PowerSteering allows allocation of resources at any level, including projects but also at any level of the work breakdown structure such as ideas, phases, tasks, action items, etc. For example, a resource may be available to allocate just 30% of their time to project work, with the other 70% reserved for handling routine tasks – in case of an IT analyst, to responding to help tickets. Similarly, a single resource can be allocated to multiple roles, such as 50% as a Project Manager and 50% as an Analyst. Resources inherit the permissions of the role when they are assigned to a project. So the resource in the previously stated example would have one set of permissions if assigned to a project as a Project Manager, but different permissions if assigned to the same project as an Analyst.

Leverage Resource Management to Improve Cost Forecasting & Tracking

To make it easy to develop estimated project costs from resource requirements as well as track actual project costs based on utilization, PowerSteering supports an unlimited number of role- and qualification-based Rate Tables. Rates can be tied to resource qualification at any level. For example, any Analyst may have a general rate while an Analyst with Finance skills might have a different rate, or one Analyst may have different rates when allocated to different projects. Rate Tables also easily support internal and contractor rates. In addition rates can be applied on individuals or on the project to override the default rate table when needed,