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Accelerate Lean Six Sigma ROI with Deployment Management

Does your continuous improvement program rely on spreadsheets and manual processes?

Does your continuous improvement program rely on spreadsheets, network or cloud shared folders, and manual processes? Or would you like to learn how to accelerate your Lean Six Sigma ROI?

Enterprises invest in continuous improvement, Lean Six Sigma, or transformation initiatives with the goals of reducing costs and increasing organizational efficiency. To be effective, however, they need processes and tools that help identify, track, and promote programs that reduce waste, cut expenses, and streamline business operations.

Accelerate Lean Six Sigma ROI

Typically, a business will look to a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tool. Used properly, PPM can deliver valuable program and project management, including financial insight, to enable Black Belts, Green Belts, and business leaders alike to prioritize and align programs and to demonstrate productivity and cost savings to the organization.

But continuous improvement opportunities go beyond productivity and cost savings. Business leaders, Lean Six Sigma professionals, deployment managers, project managers, and financial representatives all have multiple ways to benefit and improve ROI from PPM and Deployment Management, categorized into the areas of Executive Visibility, Strategic Alignment, and Team Productivity.

In this White Paper, you will learn about Deployment Management, the discipline of applying the rigorous, data-driven approaches of continuous improvement to the operations of a continuous improvement program. It begins with a simple realization: the practice of running continuous improvement is itself made up of processes that can be analyzed, refined and optimized.

Download the White Paper today and learn how to Accelerate Lean Six Sigma ROI.

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