Upland Digital Engagement

Upland’s Digital Engagement product family enables you to effectively engage with your customers, prospects, and community via the web and mobile technologies.

Our products are at the core of the marketing technology stack and deliver measurable business value through more immersive digital experiences, by improving pipeline quality and velocity, and by driving deeper audience engagement.

Enterprise-Grade Email Marketing, Transaction & Automation

How it helps:
Enterprise-grade customer engagement technology brings together email, marketing automation, and customer data and analytics into a powerful solution.

Key business value:
Cloud-based platform enables personalized customer communications and the design and automation of multi-faceted campaigns in an intuitive visual environment.

Primary Industries:
Restaurant and Retail, Travel, Media and Publishing, and Nonprofits

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team of young people collaborating around a computer monitor

Enterprise Web Content Management (CMS)

How it helps:
Offers a powerful and flexible platform for today’s marketers and publishers to publish and manage content globally, personalize customer experiences, integrate campaigns across multiple channels, and swiftly implement new marketing initiatives.

Key business value:
Clickability is so powerful and easy-to-use that even very small technical teams can support complex, large scale and large scope websites.

Primary Industries:
Software & Hardware, Media & Entertainment, Manufacturing, Utilities, Insurance

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computer user wearing headphones looking at monitor

Website Visitor Analytics & Reporting

How it helps:
Provides specific details about each person visiting your website and their trail throughout your site. Generates instant email alerts when tagged companies visit your site plus daily and weekly visitor summaries.

Key business value:
Converts website visits into actionable sales leads. Equips sales teams with the necessary information to enhance their prospecting and lead follow up initiatives. Enables marketing teams to measure ROI of inbound and outbound efforts.

Primary Industries:
Used across industries by sales, marketing, and business development teams.

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Mobile Messaging
Enterprise Mobile Messaging & SMS (A2P SMS)

How it helps:
Provides communications teams, marketers and program managers an enterprise class platform for planning, executing, managing and analyzing complex mobile messaging campaigns.

Key business value:
Delivers broad reach and personalized engagement on the device people use most: their mobile phones, improving program outcomes & engagement levels: 99% of all texts are opened and average response time is 90 seconds.

Primary Industries:
Healthcare, Government, Nonprofit and Advocacy, Consumer Brands, Media & Entertainment,Business Services, Restaurants, Retail

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Rant & Rave
Cloud-Based Customer Engagement Solutions

How it helps:
Enables users to capture, analyze, and act on real-time customer and employee feedback across multiple channels including SMS/mobile, email, web, and social media.

Key business value:
Uses powerful natural language processing to measure user sentiment in real time and extracts actionable customer insights to drive better outcomes. A robust reporting platform ensures frontline staff and marketing teams drive more effective customer engagement programs throughout the customer lifecycle.

Primary Industries:
Energy, Utilities, Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, Finance, Public Sector, Business Services, Telecommunications, Managed Services, Transportation, and Logistics

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woman in customer service wearing a phone headset

Knowledge Management (KM) for Customer Service

How it helps:
Provides a centralized cloud based knowledge hub to power all your customer contact channels. User-friendly templates enable every member of your organization to contribute to the knowledge base. Integrates seamlessly with CRM systems like Salesforce.com, and NetSuite as well as with multiple content sources like SharePoint and FileBound.

Key business value:
Delivers the right answer to the right person at the right time, making your newest customer contact agents as productive as your best and most experienced agents and transforms the customer support experience resulting in happier, more loyal customers and team members.

Primary Industries:
Large Enterprise Call Centers, Banking & Financial Services, Utilities, Business Process Outsourcers

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