Workflow Automation

Term Definition of Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation is a technology solution, which automates the tasks, resources and internal operations that form the process known as “workflow.”

To understand the value of Workflow Automation one must first understand workflow. Workflow is the process, which encompasses many small, definable tasks that link together to achieve the desired result. The workflow encompasses events, actions, resources and tasks. For example, let us assume that the Acme Company sells widgets.

workflow automationThe workflow automation process might look like this:

-Customer calls to order widget
-Customer service representative takes customer order by phone
-Customer processing pulls order and gives to fulfillment
-Order fulfillment pulls widget from shelf and packages to ship
-Shipping agent picks up widget and takes to processing station for shipping

In this example, there is an event initiating action (customer calls to order widget), an action (customer service representative takes call), subsequent tasks (order entry, processing, fulfillment) and resources (staff, telephone, shipping materials, etc). This collection of task management is the workflow for achieving the result of selling a customer the widget.

Workflow automation software links together the elements of workflow (events, tasks, resources) in an attempt to increase the speed, visibility and coordination by which the work gets done. Workflow automation (workflow tracking software) solutions provides significant benefits to organizations. Task management is greatly improved because priorities and timelines are linked across and even between organizations. Task software and calendars are visible to all users enabling workloads to be shared and efficiently managed. Another advantage of automation is visibility. Managers can quickly see the status of a process but beyond that they can also identify roadblocks, resources constraints and opportunity for process improvement.

Workflow Automation software provides a graphical representation of people, projects and financial processes for workflow design, configuration and self-service. The graphical workflow automation interface as well as workforce apps enables you to visually define, control, track and audit approvals, routing, role-based assignments, task management and notifications.

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