Transform Sales and Delivery with Proposal Automation


Professional Services Organizations can take upwards of 40 days to prepare a project proposal, and an additional 10 days to staff it.

In a busy PS organization, who has that much time?

You need active collaboration between Sales and Services teams to efficiently produce proposals in the least amount of time. You need to stay on top of version control and accelerate review and approval turnaround. Staffing and launching projects quickly is paramount to success. And most importantly, you need to accelerate the deal pipeline and win more business!

View our webinar on-demand, Transform Sales and Delivery with Proposal Automation, and we will show you how you can achieve greater win rates, higher project margins, and initiate positive customer outcomes – from day 1.

In this webinar you will learn how to leverage Proposal Automation to:

  • Appropriately engage services team members in generating statements of work
  • Easily include project and resource plans, and work estimates directly into customer proposals
  • Manage centralized versioning to ensure everyone is collaborating on the most up to date proposal
  • Expedite the review and approval process with automation
  • Achieve better resource forecasting and project staffing


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