What’s Next in Retail and Restaurant CX?

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To deal with the challenges posed by COVID-19, restaurants and retailers have pivoted their marketing strategies to continue connecting with customers. These pivots may have lasting effects on the industry; with customers building digital habits out of necessity, brands will likely continue to deliver the digital convenience and engagement strategies innovated during this time.

The latest webinar in our Connected Through Change series, “Delivering Restaurant & Retail CX in Today’s World,” showed how industry leaders are delivering outstanding customer experiences amidst unprecedented times.

Miss the webinar? Here are 5 webinar takeaways you can implement right now to pivot your communication in a changing industry.

1) Use marketing channels to communicate important store changes.

In a constantly-changing situation, having accurate information is paramount. That’s why many marketers are shifting from an offer-based marketing strategy to one focused on delivering information. Whether SMS, MMS, mobile app messaging, or email, you can provide important updates on the channel each customer prefers.

  • Pick-up or delivery services
  • Changes to store hours or policies
  • Alerts when high-demand items in stock

2) Engage your community with non-selling content.

While almost everyone loves a good deal, an onslaught of discounts will likely seem out-of-touch at this time. Consider brainstorming new ways to engage your audience in a meaningful way. Some ideas include:

  • Connecting customers with nonprofit organizations they can support
  • Providing helpful safety and health tips
  • Delivering content for families to keep children entertained

3) If possible, provide appropriate offers.

Rather than halt marketing programs entirely, it’s important to consider what value you can bring to your customers at a time when they need it most. Use email, mobile messaging and app channels to deliver empathetic messaging that offers:

  • Self-care products to keep your customers healthy
  • Entertainment options for families stuck at home
  • Mobile wallet passes to encourage contactless in-store purchases

4) Segment your audience to deliver the most relevant communication.

To deliver outstanding customer experiences, you need to meet your customers’ needs. However, not all of your customers will have the same needs. Use segmentation to deliver the most relevant content, offers, and information. Some segments to consider include:

  • Senior citizens
  • Students
  • Parents of small children
  • Location-based segments

5) Use your messaging infrastructure to keep employees in the know.

Mobile messaging delivers quick, immediate communication. This makes it a great channel to communicate with your employees at scale. By better connecting your employees, you can provide better experiences for your customers and team members.

With mobile messaging, you can notify employees of virtual staff meetings, policy changes, and safety information with your messaging infrastructure. You can also use your existing marketing solutions to communicate with potential employees. If you need to recruit new employees during this time, you can promote a “text-to-apply” campaign to encourage your customers to join your team.

To learn how brands like Gelson’s and Mooyah shifted their strategy to drive meaningful engagement in a changing environment, watch the webinar here.

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