Customer Feedback Software for UK Housing Associations

Better understand the voice of your residents and automate real-time management of feedback across multiple channels.

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Proactively communicate with, and capture the emotion from, your residents

Great customer engagement lives here

Take a proactive approach to the collection, resolution, reporting, and analysis of negative and positive customer feedback from your residents and tenants.

  • Activate and automate feedback loops across email, SMS, apps, live chat, contact centres, and more
  • Create real-time alerts when customer issues arise and get to resolutions faster
  • Dashboard and reports deliver multi-channel CX insights across your business

Real experts that understand your needs

Our team fully understands the needs of UK Housing Associations and social landlords to improve the experience of their residents and exceed legislative guidelines as set out by The Charter for Social Housing Residents.

  • Reduce complaints with proactive automation to act on problems before they escalate.
  • Sentiment engines and ‘Listening Posts’ capture all feedback related to lettings, repairs, maintenance, ASB, and more…
  • Build transparency and keep your residents in the loop with rapid responses
  • Our Rant & Rave community brings customers together to share best practices

Get ready for The Charter for Social Housing Residents

"The Rant & Rave team are supportive and helpful. They are easy to get on with and make the project meetings engaging. We work really well together getting through all the tasks and they're brilliant at keeping us on track"

Rebecca Sedgewick
Head of Communications, Broadacres


Decrease in complaints to trading standards


Customer satisfaction for lettings by UK Housing Association


Pieces of feedback captured since implementing Upland Rant & Rave

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