Voice of Customer (VoC) Software for Utilities Firms

Issues in utilities can be highly sensitive, which is why they should be handled correctly and efficiently. Rant & Rave helps you solve customer queries, and feedback in real-time by tapping into customer emotion

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Don’t leave your customers in the dark

If your customers are left without their essential services then they (and regulators) want to know you’re doing something about it. Rant & Rave enables utilities and services businesses to automate real-time feedback loops with customers, reduce inbound calls and keep customers informed across a multitude of communication channels.

  • Proactively automate two-way feedback across email, SMS, apps, live chat, contact centers, and more.
  • Understand customer experience and sentiment at scale across millions of customers.
  • Inform CX strategy with dashboards and reports for multi-channel insights.

Light up the customer experience

From verbatim feedback (positive or negative), to complaints and issues, Rant & Rave centralizes every inch of data into a digestible format that keeps you in control and ensures the business is informed.


  • Proactively solve issues with customers before they become complaints.
  • Create invaluable insights with your frontline teams for training and enablement.
  • Our expert team help at every stage providing best practice advice to improve CX strategies.

Four Steps to Creating a Seamless Customer Journey for Utilities Customers

Minimize friction and solve issues efficiently

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"Rant & Rave has allowed me to change my business to make it more customer-focused. When you're getting the level of insight and detail that I'm getting out of my Rant & Rave dashboard it's an easy job to convince the company to invest in the customer experience."

Alex Williams
Head of Contact Centre, UK Power Networks


Response rate achieved by our utilities customer


Customer satisfaction score achieved by water provider


Response rate to SMS feedback requests

UK Power Networks

UK Power Networks implemented the Rant & Rave Platform to capture a greater quantity and quality of insight.

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