Voice of Customer (VoC) and CX Software for Banking, Insurance and Financial Firms

Proactively exceed customer expectations, understand customer sentiment, and create automated two-way feedback loops that fuel retention and inform the business with actionable CX metrics

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A customer experience that’s right on the money

It’s all very well having the most up-to-date apps and products, but if you fail to engage with your customers and resolve their issues, when they need you most, they’ll jump ship at the first chance. Rant & Rave enables you to take control, be proactive, and understand positive and negative feedback across every touchpoint.

  • Collect customer feedback at every touchpoint including email, SMS, app, chat, web, call centers, and more
  • Proactively resolve customer issues and automate inefficient feedback processes
  • Understand customer sentiment at scale and develop CX strategies to delight customers

Understand customer sentiment at scale

Understanding our customers is hard! Sometimes things go wrong, and we let customers down. However, sometimes things go well, but we just don’t hear about it. Rant & Rave ensures you understand your customers more intimately and turns verbatim feedback into actionable insights.

  • Multi-channel feedback creates consistent levels of service through the entire customer journey
  • Rant & Rave ‘Listening Posts’ enable your customers to share how they feel when it suits them
  • Dashboard and reports provide multi-channel CX insights to inform strategy

Using Voice of Consumer and customer feedback to positively intervene in the customer journey

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“Upland Rant & Rave has transformed our approach to customer feedback by giving us actionable insight across the business that positively impacts not only our customers but our clients and colleagues. With real-time insights, we’re able to put the customer at the heart of our business, while engaging our colleagues and delivering on our objectives.”

Lisa Hulme-Vickerstaff
Customer Insights Manager, Lowell


Our customer retained 93% of Ranters by taking action


Speed, convenience, helpful employees, and friendly service is important for more than 70% of banking customers


One financial services organization achieved response rates of over 30%

Lowell Transforms Customer Feedback with Real-time Insights from Rant and Rave

See how real-time feedback helped Lowell increase their Trustpilot score.

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