How to Build and Successfully Manage a Recovery Loop

Tips and tricks to help turn your Ranters into Ravers

Tips and tricks to help turn your Ranters into Ravers…

No matter how outstanding your customer experience is, complaints are a fact of life. With this in mind, introducing a recovery loop to save those all important customers from leaving – or being snagged by a competitor – is not only best practice, but essential to any Voice of the Customer programme.

However, when you’ve got angry customers knocking down your door (or rather, shouting down the phone lines), the reality of being charged with recovery can be far more daunting. What do you say when things go wrong, and how can you avoid it happening again in the future?

In our latest eBook, How to Build and Successfully Manage a Recovery Loop, we address the common questions asked by businesses, with stats from the industry experts and research from our own client base. Read on to find out:

  • How much resource you really need to manage a recovery loop
  • Top tips for how to respond to customers
  • Ways in which to measure success


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