Housemark Event CX Bundle


During our Innovation Showcase at the Housemark ‘10 Days of Data’ event, we discussed how Upland Rant & Rave helps social landlords capture and use feedback to enhance customer care. Using Rant & Rave you can make a difference to the lives of your customers through the power of turning insights into action.

As a thank you for joining us at ’10 days of Data’, download your exclusive Housemark Event CX Bundle, containing:

Case Study: Find out how Stonewater adopted a real-time, emotion-lead approach to customer feedback and engagement

On-demand webinar: Turning Customer Feedback into Action for Housing Associations

Blog: How Housing Associations utilize Voice of Customer software to measure and improve customer satisfaction

On-demand webinar: An Emotion-led Approach to Customer Feedback

Blog: An Emotion-led Approach to Customer Feeback – Key Takeaways


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