How Cloud Faxing Helps Growing Schools Meet Student and Faculty Needs

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From pre-K to universities, educational institutions require secure document transfers containing confidential information. Education is always evolving, so why tie your campus staff to outdated machines and unnecessary phone lines? Without the ability to remotely access cloud faxing, you’re severely limiting the capabilities of your administrative team.  

Whether your school is public or private, a charter or a magnet, pre-K, K-12, university, trade-related, or any other educational institution, there are a lot of files and records faxed to and from your campus. The burden of repairing a network of aging machines and maintaining costly in-house servers falls on the IT team.

Cloud faxing expands your administration’s capabilities.  

Upland InterFAX offers resilient, user-friendly cloud-based fax to help educators boost productivity and speed up student-facing services. Colleges, universities, trade schools, preschools, and K-12 districts all rely on cloud faxing to securely manage student processes and private data. 

Your students and faculty deserve to have their information safeguarded in a way that is impossible with a traditional fax machine. As soon as you relinquish a document, the receiving machine will pop out confidential information that may or may not be grabbed by the intended recipient in a timely manner. It’s difficult to promise security when the document is completely out of your control. 

By making the switch to cloud faxing, your school can not only guarantee compliance but also eliminate the recurring costs of machine maintenance, paper, ink, and unnecessary phone lines. 

Your employees already have enough to deal with; between student services, curriculums, state standards, parent meetings, and extracurricular activities, they don’t have time to waste on obsolete technology. 

In the United States 90% of K-12 teachers claim burnout it is a serious problem, while 44% report feeling burnout often or always. 

InterFAX helps you manage: 

  • Transcript requests 
  • Enrollment paperwork 
  • Applications 
  • Financial aid 
  • Insurance 
  • HR records 
  • Residential forms 
  • Financial data 
  • Medical information 
  • Student safety and wellness 
  • IEPs and 504 plans 
  • Counseling and disciplinary documents 
  • Transportation requests and bus maintenance forms 
  • Disaster recovery and crisis plans 
  • School board records 
  • And more! 

InterFAX adheres to varying governmental oversights. 

Many schools have a centralized administrative team that manages the flow of document exchange. They share and store a high volume of secure information daily. With security threats at an all-time high, safeguarding this data is more important than ever.  

InterFAX’s cloud faxing solution adheres to HIPAA, PHIPA, PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, and ISO 27001 regulations. Employees can access cloud faxing through the sleek, user-friendly InterFAX User Interface whether they’re physically on campus or working remotely. 

A stolen student document is worth over $200 on the dark web; more than 1,600 schools were targeted by cyber-attacks in 2020. 

Cloud faxing sends and receives faxes online through email, the native web interface, mobile, and other scanning devices. This allows users to have peace of mind knowing the system will alert the appropriate party with an email notification that a confidential digital data transfer has occurred. 

InterFAX cloud faxing solutions for schools, highlighting features for managing policies, procedures, and communications with an emphasis on student information systems.

  •  Simplify the enrollment and admissions processes.  
  • Expedite access to student health services and housing.  
  • Streamline grant management and scholarship communications.  
  • Boost efficiency while adhering to global security standards.  
  • Add unlimited users at no additional cost. 
  • Transition from outdated, expensive copper lines to the cloud. 
  • Accelerate secure fax communications between multiple offices and campuses.  

Wrap Up 

Cloud faxing provides secure document transfer to protect student privacy while reducing hardware upkeep, and IT costs for the school. InterFAX sends student information directly from a fax queue to the CRM or Student Information System (SIS). With cloud faxing, educators can safely access secure documents from any internet-enabled device—in the classroom, office, or remotely. InterFAX helps you move time-sensitive educational processes forward to provide the best education possible for your students and a seamless experience for your staff. 

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