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In the modern business world, the ability to access relevant information quickly and efficiently can mean the difference between a missed opportunity and a successful sale. However, countless hours are wasted in organizations as workers struggle to find and manage content, information, and other forms of data when they need it most. Millions of dollars in lost productivity can be attributed to the modern experience of scouring the corporate intranet for misplaced documents. Upland BA Insight’s workforce productivity software is a game changer for knowledge management. 

Unlock the Power of Information at your Fingertips  

That’s where BA Insight, and enterprise search can help. AI-driven enterprise search is one of the most effective ways to enable your employees, increase workforce productivity and software effectiveness. Enterprise search eliminates the tedious, time-consuming task of locating information across multiple repositories or applications. Let’s dive deeper into how enterprise search can revolutionize the way you do business. 

Rapid Access to Your Information 

BA Insight allows for a central access point, where workers can quickly access data and knowledge from diverse sources across your organization. Eliminating the time spent on manual searches, and the frustration they cause. According to a study by McKinsey, workers spend an average of 1.8 hours per day trying to find information; that’s more than a full 8 hours by the end of the week. This loss in productivity is robbing businesses of opportunities for growth. Implementing an enterprise search solution is investing back into the business to drive innovation, allowing employees to focus on value-added tasks.  

Enhancing Your Search Accuracy 

Traditional search methods often produce an overwhelming numbers of results, requiring workers to sift through endless irrelevant documents to find what they need. If this sounds redundant, that’s because it is! BA Insight’s advanced products such as AutoClassifier harness the powerful capabilities of AI, machine learning, rules-based tagging, and Natural Language Processing to automatically index your content and pull the most relevant, personalized information into your search. As a result, users are left feeling relieved that the content they were searching for is instantaneously uncovered, saving them valuable time and multiple headaches.  

Increased Collaboration 

Communication and effective collaboration are at the heart of every successful company, enterprise search plays an integral part in fostering collaborative culture in your organization. According to IDC, 36% of a knowledge worker’s day is spent gathering information spread across various systems. 61% of these workers require regular access to four or more workforce productivity software systems to find the information they need to do their jobs. With BA Insight at the epicenter of your organization, workers can connect with the right information, regardless of location or format to promote effective collaboration.  

The Importance of Integration 

With more tools, applications, databases, and other content sources available, your mountain of data seems endless. Many enterprise search software solutions offer search in individual applications or frameworks, but many organizations don’t have all their information in a singular source. Most have content spread across multiple repositories like SharePoint, Jira, SalesForce, Net Documents, etc. that previously had no connectivity, or a singular platform to connect information across applications. With BA Insight, users have the power of 90+ Connectors at their fingertips, providing a true enterprise search solution for all your content, not just some of it.  

Empower workers near and far from HQ 

As the pandemic rapidly shifted us to a remote-hybrid workforce, the workplace productivity software was shaken up in a major way. As remote, hybrid, and flexible work have become a staple, the growing need for secure, yet accessible data at any time and in any location climbs to the top of organizations’ demands. According to Gartner, businesses that invest in workforce productivity software can experience a 34% increase in performance. Connecting workers across continents and time zones effectively creates a competitive advantage. 

Wrap Up: Why Enterprise Search is Needed Now 

BA Insight is a transformative workplace productivity software that can fully unlock the potential of your organization’s workforce. By eliminating time wasted on searching for information across applications, increasing search accuracy, promoting effective communication and collaboration, and enabling workers near and far from HQ, enterprise search promotes success. The time is now for the distinct competitive advantage of workforce productivity software. 

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