Gamification Drives Business Goals

Do you struggle to keep your knowledge fresh? Do you want to deflect calls from your contact center or service desk? Gamification motivates your customers and support agents to engage with your knowledge. Giving your customers, employees and agents points and recognition for using web self-service and support forums and for creating popular knowledge articles can drive the behaviors you want.

screenshot of gamification process

Increase Agent and End-User Engagement

Out-of-the-box gamification increases agent and end-user engagement with your knowledge. Set up games to promote behaviors that align with your business goals. Successful gamification adds an element of competition and the opportunity to help others. Our Client Success team can work with you to set up games that reward the correct behaviors.

Use RightAnswers
Gamification To:

  • Increase agent adoption of your knowledge initiative
  • Motivate agents to create high-quality knowledge and update existing knowledge
  • Drive agents and customers to use social channels for peer-to-peer support
  • Influence customers and employees to use the self-service portal and social communities

Reinforce the Desired Outcomes

For Authors and Agents

Gamification motivates knowledge authors, including your agents, to write better knowledge and to keep the knowledge fresh. Scores on the dashboard in the Solution Manager knowledge authoring tool and the Agent Portal show the number, quality, and popularity of the solutions created by the knowledge author. The dashboards also display the highest-ranking authors and solutions.

For Customers

When customers find the answers themselves, it increases customer satisfaction while reducing your support costs. RightAnswers’ out-of-the-box gamification awards points to customers and end-users who interact with your self-service portal and your forums in the RightAnswers Community. You determine the point values based on the behaviors you want to promote

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