A Toast to Communities

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Stin Mattu Product Marketing Manager for Contact Center Products

When you are an organization in the business of making products to help other organizations, you learn the value in drinking your own champagne. It is the best way to get first-hand insights into the user experience with your products.

Upland are not the first and will not be the last organization to do this, I’m sure if you speak to employees in other firms, many will be using their products internally. Why would an employee at Google use Microsoft products and vice versa when they have the same type of product? Not taking away from any competitor products, every market has space for multiple options but truly understanding usability from the customer perspective can only happen if you put yourself in their position.

We have a broad range of products that help overcome business challenges all across an enterprise, so it makes total sense that we should make use of them to help us become more successful. Some we use internally, like PSA to manage timesheets, resource allocation and expenses to streamline project execution or Kapost as the central source for marketing assets.

Our customers already have a touch point with another of our products Rant&Rave, which is what we use to gather feedback. This allows us to not only get NPS scores but also sentiment analysis on comments to capture the voice of the customer in a meaningful way.

Another product that we use internally and partly the reason for this blog is RightAnswers. As an enterprise grade Knowledge Management solution, we have many use cases on how it can improve delivery of the right answer (pun intended) to the right person at the right time. As experts in Knowledge Management and adopters of KCS™ methodology, we also know the value in making support articles available to our customers through a simple, streamlined portal.

To date, our support teams have been using RightAnswers to help our customers with their queries and now we are ready to empower users to get information on the products they use through new product specific Communities.

Once you log on, you will find a clean layout that gives you options on how get to the content you need at that moment, whether that is through the powerful RightAnswers search, a linear search with filtering options or adding articles to your own personal favourites. You will also have access to News articles to keep you up to date on anything important you need to know about the products.

What’s in this for us?

At Upland, our customers are front and centre of what we do, without you we are just facilitators of lines of code on servers, our success comes from delivering value to you and your customers. This is why we want to give you access to the information you need to use our products successfully.

This new customer community will allow us to provide a better self-service experience for our customers, while allowing us to leverage more of our KCS best practices. – Keelyn VanderWeide, Director of Knowledge Management in Technical Support

We hope having easy access to knowledge about the products you use, through articles and support documents in the same place where you can raise a ticket, will improve your experience as an Upland customer. For those who have more than one Upland product, you will be able to see content for all of the products you use. Think of it as a one stop shop, open 24/7, 365 days a year for product knowledge.

Our journey together continues, may your success be the reason we can raise a virtual glass of champagne, or orange juice to.

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