What’s new in KCS® v6

Out with Knowledge-Centered Support, in with Knowledge-Centered Service!

Yes, the Consortium for Service Innovation (CSI) has given its methodology a new moniker. But the name change is more than just skin-deep.

KCS Verified V6 logoKCS® – now “Knowledge-Centered Service” – is a set of practices for knowledge creation and knowledge management aimed at improving the customer experience. The word “Support” limited KCS to the support organization. By replacing it with “Service,” the CSI is recognizing that good customer service requires the whole organization, not just the Support team.

When everyone across the organization has access to enterprise knowledge and knows what people are searching for, you can serve your customers better. This is also RightAnswers’ approach to knowledge and the idea behind our Enterprise Knowledge Hub – a holistic view of knowledge that makes your entire organization smarter and more effective. It enhances communication, cooperation, and productivity, as well as employee and customer satisfaction.

See how KCS is now applied across the organization and the benefits it brings. Watch the webinar about KCS v6 co-hosted by Greg Oxton, Executive Director of the Consortium for Service Innovation.

RightAnswers is KCS Verified, the highest KCS certification, and incorporates KCS principles and workflows. (Of course, we are working on our KCS v6 certification and hope to have it soon!)

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™

Author: Tom Policano

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