Customer Talk Webinar Series: How Paychex Leverages Knowledge Management during the COVID-19 Crisis

One of the best ways to explain what Upland RightAnswers and Upland InGenius can do for you is through real-life examples. Join us for our customer talk series which was designed to give you a chance to listen to our customers’ stories. In our upcoming webinar, Paychex will share they succeeded In transitioning 15,000 employees to work from home during the COVID-19 Crisis.

Episode 2: Wednesday, October 28
How Paychex Leverages Knowledge Management during the COVID-19 Crisis

Contact center leaders continue to grapple with their own unique set of challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, including surging call volumes and new work-from-home dynamics. How can you enable agent success and keep customer service levels up during these unprecedented times?

View this webinar on-demand where Paychex discusses how they are responding to the crises and the critical role that Knowledge Management (KM) and Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) are playing while they have transitioned 15,000 of their employees to work from home.

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