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Enabling KCS® Adoption – A New Game in Town

Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS®) is a knowledge management methodology that improves the customer experience.

We know that KCS works – but how can you get your agents to use it?

Download this white paper, co-authored by Greg Oxton, Executive Director of the Consortium for Service Innovation and President of the KCS Academy, to learn:

  • How KCS can help your customer service
  • How you can increase agents buy-in to KCS and improve their knowledge usage
  • How technology, such as gamification built into knowledge management software, is vital to KCS adoption by your customer service and support agents

KCS processes make your organization more efficient and productive. Adoption of KCS improves knowledge quality and sharing and increases employee engagement and your ROI.

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™

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