Success Story

Informatica increases its reference fulfillment rate to 95% with RO Innovation.

Informatica trusts RO Innovation to provide its sales team with references on demand. The company grew its customer success library 60% with RO Innovation.

Informatica, a leading software company, empowers the globe’s most progressive organizations to realize data-driven digital transformations that change the world. Over the last 25 years, Informatica has helped more than 9,000 customers unleash the power of data, including 85 companies in the Fortune 100.

From the beginning, Informatica depended on customer advocacy to accelerate deals and build relationships with its prospects and customers. Somewhere along the way, the promotion and adoption of its formal customer reference program stalled.

When Informatica’s leadership changed, the company redefined its priorities and decided that relaunching its formal reference program was now a top strategic initiative. Marketing took on the challenge of finding new software to support the relaunch.

We want to tell Informatica’s story through the experiences of our customers. RO Innovation has allowed us to do that. It’s tremendous for creating a single source of truth, fulfilling reference requests, and onboarding customer advocates.

Michelle Gardner
Sr. Director of Customer Advocacy, Informatica

RO Innovation’s built-in safeguards earned Sales trust.

Informatica’s sales team was hesitant to nominate references to the company’s legacy program because they worried other reps would misuse their contacts. Ironically, because Sales didn’t share references, they often had to reuse their own trusted references repeatedly, causing burn-out.

“RO Innovation put in guard rails for our reference program,” said Michelle Gardner, Sr. Director of Customer Advocacy. “Now we have data to guide us, so we bring in references at the right point in the sales cycle and never overuse their stories.”

RO Innovation’s Salesforce integration drove rapid adoption.

The simplicity and familiarity of RO Innovation’s Salesforce integration helped Informatica’s sales team get started with the relaunched reference program quickly. “You can identify the best references and submit requests from Salesforce in just a few clicks,” said Gardner. “Simplicity and convenience were key to getting sales to contribute.”

Informatica uses RO Innovation’s analytics to refine its program.

One year after relaunching its customer reference program with RO Innovation, Informatica saw a 16% increase in customer advocates and a 60% increase in customer success stories.

Today, Informatica has an average reference fulfillment rate of more than 95% and has its eyes on even higher levels of success. The company uses RO Innovation’s included analytics dashboards to make data-driven decisions to drive continuous improvement. Informatica looks forward to growing with its customers and celebrating their successes along the way.

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