5 Perfect Ideas for Local Auto Dealerships

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Liz Huff Senior Director, Customer Success

Cruze Into Summer Sweepstakes

WHAM-TV | Rochester, NY

Sponsored by Bob Johnson Chevrolet, the Cruze Into Summer sweepstakes offered one lucky winner a 2-year lease of a brand new Chevy Cruze. Not only did the contest have outstanding results the first year, but results doubled in their second year. The sweepstakes brought in over 1,400 entries, collected nearly 600 opt-ins, and discovered 62 people ready to buy a new car within the next three months.

Sweeps Delivers Hot Leads for Auto Dealer

Fairway Ford Ugly Truck Photo Contest

Kingsport Times-News | Kingsport, TN

Fairway Ford was looking to discover more leads for their dealership. The Kingsport Times-News came up with the Ugly Truck photo contest as a unique opportunity for the dealership to interact with potential consumers. Not only did the contest drive great participation (nearly 70 entries and over 800 votes), but they also included specific survey questions to curate a list of hot leads for Fairway Ford.

Ugly Truck Photo Contest Sponsored by Auto Dealer

“What Kind of Driver are You?” Quiz

Greeley Tribune | Greeley, CO

To help secure Greeley Subaru as the title sponsor of their paper’s event, the Greeley Tribune incorporated a quiz into the event sponsorship package. The “What Kind of Driver are You?” quiz was a hit with the auto dealer. It collected over 300 email addresses for the sponsor, gathered tons of consumer data for future marketing campaigns, and lead to a car purchase in the very next week.

Quiz a Hit with Auto Dealer Sponsor

March Mania Bracket Campaign

WPSD-TV | Paducah, KY

WPSD created a multi-layered March basketball campaign including a bracket, sweepstakes, and a quiz. Auto dealership Taylor Automotive (including its second location Union City Ford) was the title sponsor. The advertiser wanted to collect leads and drive awareness about their new website. Not only did the campaign deliver results for the advertiser, but it also brought in over $15,000 in revenue for WPSD.

WPSD Basketball Bracket Sponsored by Auto Dealership

Athlete of the Week

Telegraph Herald | Dubuque, IA

Looking for a new revenue stream, the Telegraph Herald tried out an Athlete of the Week contest to capitalize on hometown pride. Anderson Weber, a local auto dealership, was one of two title sponsors of the year-long promotion. The contest has been so successful that it’s now been running for three years, generating $18,000 for the paper over the years.

Athlete of the Week Contest Drives Revenue for Paper

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