Selling Your Best Of Ballot: 10 Tips for Prospecting

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Julie Foley Senior Customer Success Manager
    1. Create a list of your top 10-20 competitive business categories that spend money on advertising in your market. Think hospitals, legal, banks, real estate, auto dealerships, and home services.


    1. Target businesses that would show up in three or more categories on your ballot. Those businesses are more likely to purchase a high-level sponsorship package. For instance, a local auto shop may show up for Best Auto Body Repair Shop, Best Auto Detailing, and even Best Car Stereo Installer.


    1. From that, create a list of the top ten businesses in each of the industry categories you have defined. This will make a list of 100+ top prospects to prospect for ballot sponsorships.


    1. Once you have your top 100-200 prospects, assign them to your sales reps. If you encounter roadblocks, check out our tips for overcoming objections from your team and overcoming objections from your advertisers.


    1. Assign inside sales reps to make contact with businesses who are not on your top prospects list and have expressed interest in the ballot (such as downloading a sales kit or nominating their business.)


    1. Keep things simple with three tiers of packages (basic, deluxe, and premium) for each phase. Each tier should be a multi-media package, including your core media as well as digital products.


    1. Set goals for how many of each package you want to sell in each phase. We created a Best Of Revenue Calculator to help you create your goals. Remember, while most revenue will come from your Winners’ Phase (primarily through thank-you ads), there is still money to be made in the Nomination Phase and the Voting Phase. There are plenty of businesses eager to claim that title.


    1. Create sales materials to help advertisers understand how they are presented on the ballot. Make sure to list all relevant dates and deadlines, as well as a section explaining details of each of the sponsorship opportunities. We have examples for sales collateral here in our Best Practice Guide.


    1. Keep your sales team focused to work towards your goal and report their progress every day. Try creating a wall in your office or a shared document online to track your progress. Make it a competition to keep your team excited!

    1. Schedule sales blitzes before each sales period (nomination phase, voting phase, winners/thank-you phase.) Add other blitzes as needed during any sales period if you did not accomplish your sales goals.


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