Which Engagement Campaign Should You Run?

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Julie Foley Senior Customer Success Manager


Quizzes aren’t just for fun – they’re data mines. These are fantastic options for you to learn about your audience’s likes, dislikes, about their family so you can send them relevant content and ads in the future. With personality quizzes, your audience can learn more about themselves (“Which TV Mom are You?”) while trivia quizzes test users on their knowledge of a specific topic (“What’s Your Football Trivia IQ?”).


These enter-to-win contests are the #1 way to collect email addresses. With lots of entries and engagement, sweepstakes should be the foundation of your promotions and interactive content strategy.


These popular sports contests including pro football, basketball, golf, and a series of others, are excellent at driving big engagement numbers and thrive when incorporated into your content. Plus, most of these are long-running campaigns that can present multiple sponsorship opportunities and drive big revenue numbers.


Photo, Video, MP3, and Text Contests

If you’re looking to drive pageviews and increase awareness about an advertiser, UGC (user generated content) contests may be your best bet. Users are passionate about their entries and are invested in seeking out votes from their friends and family. Cutest kids and pets photo contests are always a winner.



These types of interactive content are a big hit for your entire demographic. Whether this is your annual readers’ choice ballot or a niche best of weddings, these draw in large participation numbers. Plus, ballots are awesome for collecting data about the popular local businesses in your area.


One of the best ways you can learn more about your audience, is through a survey. Not only can the results be used as future marketing campaigns, but you can also create surveys about your programing to help direct your future content.

Each engagement type has it’s own strengths. Here’s a chart to break it down:

Choosing the best promotions and interactive content will help you achieve your goals and the goals of your advertisers. Whether you want to grow your email, engage your audience, or produce qualified leads see if a different engagement type can drive even more success.

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