Success Story

Furnace Sweepstakes Drives Hot Leads for HVAC Advertiser

The Peoria Journal Star used great lead-generation questions to provide a list of hot leads for their HVAC service advertiser.

Case Study Highlights

  • 76% opt-in rate for paper
  • 119 hot leads for advertiser
  • $10,500 sponsorship revenue for paper

The Idea

Our paper, The Peoria Journal Star, is a 60,000 circulation newspaper out of Peoria, IL. Recently, a local furnace service business came to us for a creative way to reach new customers and identify leads. We knew a sweepstakes, combined with a valuable prize, would generate a qualified lead list.

The Peoria Journal Star furnace sweepstakes

The Execution

We decided to create a furnace giveaway promotion with a new furnace and installation – a value of $3,900 – as a prize. This prize would attract the HVAC company’s target audience of local homeowners in the market for a new furnace.

On the entry form to the sweepstakes, we included an email opt-in for both our paper and the advertiser. We also optimized the entry form by including four lead-generation questions to qualify potential customers for the advertiser.

These questions asked entrants about the state of their current furnace:

  • If the user is a homeowner
  • When they’re looking to purchase a new furnace
  • If STAATS may be in contact for a free in-home estimate

PJ Star sweepstakes lead-gen

The Results

We provided the advertiser with a list of 119 qualified leads as well as 350+ opt-ins for their email database. In addition to that, in the first week the promotion was live, the advertiser attributed two furnaces sales, together valued at $13,000, to the campaign.

This campaign was a big win for our paper, too. Not only did over 76% of entrants opt-in for emails from us, but we generated $10,500 in sponsorship revenue from this sweepstakes.

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